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Cause of performance issues identified

Opened on Monday 12th April 2021, last updated

Resolved — The monitoring phase is completed, we consider the issue resolved.

Posted by Martin Nilsson

Monitoring — We believe that the mitigating actions performed yesterday and today have addressed the performance issues. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day.

Posted by Olle Jacobsen

Identified — We apologize for the inconvenience our performance issues today have caused some of our customers. The mitigating actions that we have performed today seems to have solved most of the performance issues. We plan yet one more update later tonight. We hope and expect to enter Monitoring phase tomorrow, where performance is good enough for all of our customers. And we hope to initiate root cause investigations related to the deal table listings.

Posted by Martin Nilsson

Identified — During the afternoon we have continued to limit some statistics and deal table listings. The performance is a lot better now, and we will continue to work on further improvements the next couple of hours.

Posted by Martin Nilsson

Identified — We are still working on this issue. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a solid solution to the performance problems on our system.

Posted by Martin Nilsson

Identified — Status update: We believe that the performance issues that we have are related to statistics calculations for a few customers with large datasets – Unfortunately impacting the performance for all customers. We are working to disable some of these demanding statistics within an hour, and hope this will minimize the risk for further performance problems.

Posted by Martin Nilsson

Identified — We're aware of the performance issues and we have identified the root cause and currently working on it to solve it.

Posted by Philippos Aziz